Fabien, leading Customer Success at Vulog

Fabien, leading Customer Success at Vulog

Fabien, tell us about yourself and your role/team at Vulog : 

After working in various IT fields for more than 10 years mostly in big companies, I was looking for a position where my actions would have a bigger impact. This is why I joined Vulog as part of the newly created Project Management team. My first mission was to define our project methodology and apply it with our key customers which were launching their services at that time: Zipcar in Brussels, GreenMobility in Copenhagen and Emov in Madrid.

The next step was to adapt our organization and processes to the AiMA solution with a constant objective to streamline the deployments and shorten the overall project delivery timeline. We can now guarantee the best support to launch a service or to make it grow by expanding the fleet or enabling new functionalities.

I am now leading a team composed of 7 senior project managers located in 3 countries and we are constantly recruiting!


What are the most important parts of “project” management when applied to car-sharing? 

One of the most important aspect of the deployment of our solution, either to launch a service or to enrich it, is trust. For us it is key to build a rock-solid relationship with our customers. First, to understand and help refine their business needs and be able to adapt our solution to meet these needs and second, to be able to react fast whenever it is needed. Of course, this goes along with a constant communication inside the project core team made of the operator’s key people and Vulog members.

The second important thing is flexibility. It’s essential to be able to adapt to any operator and service projects, whether they are big structure like OEM or new comers on car sharing market, from the most important fleet to the more modest ones. Our solution is fully scalable which requires us to adapt to different typology of project.

Finally, it’s important to remind that the car sharing market is still young, and a lot of actors, services and technologies keep arriving. We have at heart to support our client in this very challenging and versatile environment, and for that we need to be particularly reactive.


How do you measure if a project is successful?

Like I said earlier, we invest a lot of time and energy in building a partnership with our customers: we make sure to set together clear objectives and we always adapt to any unforeseen events that are also part of any project launch. Succeeding in delivering a project goes beyond implementing our solution as per the terms of the contractual agreement. Our biggest reward is when a customer of ours thinks about the next steps. Basically, day-to-day activities should not slow down the business growth of an operator. This is exactly what Vulog gives: the opportunity to prepare the next move while your existing service is running.


Any tips and tricks for mobility operators who consider to launch?

Do : Contact Vulog as soon as you think about shared mobility! You would be very interested to listen to what our consulting team has to tell you about how to choose the best city to launch your service, for example. It could also help you to refine your business case and define more precisely your offer.

Don’t : Underestimate the effort needed to launch your service. Finding the best solution is key. Car sharing is not only about putting some telematic unit in a fleet of vehicles and publishing a mobile app. Finding the right people to operate the solution and manage the end-users is just as important. Vulog can of course help you define the best team structure and operational processes to minimize your operational costs while maintaining the best quality of service.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me, I would be happy to discuss shared mobility opportunities around a nice glass of wine. We could of course widen the discussion around the glass content and share opinions about which is the best grape between pinot noir and syrah. Unless you prefer the complex but not to be missed flavours of cabernet sauvignon and merlot.


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