Vulog Connect: Community. Sharing. Best Practice.

Vulog Connect: Community. Sharing. Best Practice.

‘We’re shaping the future of public mobility ecosystem’ this bold statement is something you will probably hear if you hang around the Vulog offices for long enough. 

As part of this mission, we aim to build a community within the shared mobility space and give companies and entrepreneurs the tools they need to innovate and positively impact the world of urban mobility ecosystem – in a way that is sustainable and shared. This means going beyond the tech. 

That’s why we launched our first Vulog Connect event in Nice, France. Led by our Vulog Consulting, the collaborative workshop provided an exchange of ideas, networking and best practice discussions between some of the world’s leading mobility operators, including  MOL Limo, aimo and Poppy

public mobility ecosystem

One of the main takeaways from the workshop showed how municipalities pave the way for successful shared mobility services. Because carsharing complements the public mobility ecosystem and has a major impact on the reduction of private vehicles, cities can easily and economically support carsharing operators (e.g. with designated parking agreements, charging stations, etc.) We will further support educating cities and operators on how to create these win-win situations. 

Operationally, it was fascinating how different the approaches operators take, what they test, what works and what doesn't. While shared mobility services might be similar, localization is the key for success – from the types of vehicles chosen to the branding and promotional approach.


After the overwhelming success of #VULOGCONNECT2019, our next workshop is already in the works. To find out more about our Vulog Connect workshops contact us here.



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