Vulog for Education

Vulog for Education

Vulog’s latest initiative involves direct partnerships between our in-house experts (engineers, developers, data scientists, business developers, marketing specialists, etc.) and the world of academia (schools, colleges, universities, etc.).

In partnership with academia, Vulog for Education aims to forge long term relationships in order to accelerate research on the mobility of the future, product/service innovations, and to foster collaborations with cities.

In alignment with its mission to build a greener future via clean shared mobility, Vulog supports the growth of students who are the leaders and forward-thinkers of tomorrow and who seek to use technology to revolutionize the world for the better while protecting the environment.

Coming up this month:
- The research project by ESCP Paris is coming out with a promising practice for the shared mobility. The students have presented their research findings on January 22th, 2020.

- Vulog is attending ENERGY DAY 2020: “THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY” on February 4 @ HEC Paris

Additional collaborations will be announced in the near future.

Vulog for Education ESCP Vulog for Education @ESCP
mobility of the future Vulog for Education @ESCP

Don't hesitate to connect us with your current or former university/school if you'd like one of our experts to visit!

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